Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010: Rakai Morning

Well, if I had to call this morning anything, it would be a mix of “relaxing” and “lazy”. Quite a mix. Usually not my cup of tea, but I think we all apply those feelings differently. My “relazy” morning consisted of waking up at 9am, which I convinced myself ok because it was raining hard earlier. Joseph told me he got up at 10am today. I started with the normal routine, wake up, stretch a bit while sitting on my bed, open the windows and prop the door open, which makes it look like I’m about to go out to the people in compound…but I’m not..not yet! I then took the clean dishes which dry over night in my plastic bin, and put them away on the shelf where I always put them, literally, same place. I then start boiling some water for coffee or tea. I boil enough water for bathing, which I add to an almost full plastic bin of cold water, grab my towel, go outside and get ready for the bucket bath in my stall. Somewhere in there I make it to the bathroom (two doors down from my bathing area), this just depends how long I actually laid in bed holding it. There’ll definitely be someone in the compound, if it’s in the middle of the week at 9am, the ladies which work at World Vision have already left, making me feel relazy…but it’s Friday and people only work half days, because everyone heads to Kampala, where they’re actually from, or where there family is. I don’t feel bad this morning…I’m feeling good about it, because I’m also convincing myself that I’ll be able to a lot of work done at home today. Noelina, lives here in the same compound, orphan taken in by Prima, will definitely be out doing something; she is, this morning she’s doing some washing. All the kids are on their break after the end of the first term, so a lot of them stop by and see what I’m up to. Noelina’s, maybe 13 yrs old, has probably been up since 7 doing chores. So after the “shower”, greeting the folks in the compound, my 30 pushups, I started getting ready for breakfast. I started cutting onion, green pepper, and 1 tomato for scrambled eggs. Even have some bread with strawberry jam this morning, along with some sweet bananas, so this made for a very balanced way to start my day. Ahh, I love mornings like this, sit down for a big breakfast, read for some time, drink my tea, be relazy…I just wish it wasn’t 10am, I wish it was more like 8am. So it goes.

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